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About Dynamic

Established in 1982, Dynamic Manufacturing began its operations in an 8,000 square foot building in Norfolk, Virginia.

The creators and executive team at Dynamic Manufacturing were the innovators in the repossession and towing industry. Calvin Russ, the company's founder, started Dynamic Manufacturing by sketching out an idea to design a wheel-lift system that would be easier, faster and safer to operate than what was available at the time. His creation, the Original Self-Loading Wheel-Lift, was born and Dynamic Manufacturing consistently worked to perfect the Self-Loading Wheel-Lift. Today, the Self-Loading Wheel-Lift is the most sought after technology in the industry.

The Original Self-Loading Wheel-Lift from Dynamic was introduced in 1983. The Self-Loading Wheel-Lift was repossessing vehicles with it’s 90 degree hook up in 10 seconds and the driver never had to leave the security of the cab of the truck. The word of how well the new Self Loading Wheel-Lift worked spread like wildfire through the industry. The Virginia Department Of Transportation commissioned Dynamic to build a unit for towing and recovery on the bridges and tunnels in Norfolk, Virginia. The Dynamic 601 BTW twin line, with a hydraulic extend-able recovery boom was put into service and is still the equipment of choice today. Soon after, major cities like Chicago and New York added the Self-Loading Wheel-Lift to their fleets as well. Dynamic grew as the industry grew and the demands for stronger, improved, and more diversified Self-Loading Wheel-Lift equipment was needed.

The company's mainstay, the 601 series has a 4,000 pound wheel-Lift. With an impressive array of standard equipment, it is available in four different configurations: the B, which is the basic unit with the 4,000 pound wheel-Lift; the BDW, a bed with a deck winch; the BSW, a bed with a recovery boom and a single winch; and the BTW, a bed with a recovery boom and two winches and numerous optional equipment is available to qualify for city and state towing contracts.

The present owners of Dynamic have over 30 years experience in the towing business. They understand what the towers need and want. Safety is a very important issue. Dynamic offers the in-cab wheel-lift controls for added safety during highway tows and the ever dangerous repossession. No one tow vehicle is the same, Dynamic is a small, customer care company where you can reach the owner as well as all the departments to solve a problem with your Dynamic equipment. Our parts department is always stocked with a vast amount and a variety of parts. A call to our parts department and quick ship out procedure ensures your downtime to an absolute minimum.  Dynamic listens, and is always open to suggestions and changes needed by the end user.

The 701 light duty and light/medium duty truck series and the 801 medium duty truck series are also available in the four different configurations. The 701 series offers a 5,000 pound wheel-lift while the 801 series, which is the truck that Dynamic designed for the Virginia Department of Transportation, is available with an 8,000 pound wheel-lift.

Dynamic Manufacturing is continuing to broaden its product line. Dynamic was the first to manufacture rollbacks with a Self Loading, Independent, Wheel-Lift. The traditional “L” arm wheel lift is offered as standard equipment. As time progressed, methods of towing vehicles and trucks also required more diligence when towing. Dynamic saw the need to manufacture equipment that would help the tower to be able to not only perform his job safely, but also to the delicate care needed to tow the present and future vehicles and trucks. The latest products introduced and now manufactured by Dynamic are the T180 Rotator Carrier, Pick-up Slide-in Unit, the Stealth Wheel-Lift, the NEW 765 featuring a 6,500 lb. wheel lift,  Frame Fork Attachment available for the 701, 765, & 801 Series, and our latest addition the Dynamic Service Vehicle.

Dynamic has distributors located throughout the United States, England, Australia, Ukraine,Russia, Scandinavia, Sweden & Baltic States

We are always looking for additional equipment distributors, parts distributors, and repair facilities. Please contact us for more information.